Clip & Rail

This is the most common system installed in new build properties, the Clip & Rail system provides a quick, flexible and simple method of installing underfloor heating in a screeded floor. The installer simply covers the insulated boards with polyurethane sheets, removes the sticky cover on the back of the rapid rails and then lays them out parallel to one of the walls keeping one meter between each row. They then lay the pipe down on to the surface clipping it to the rails as it passes over and inserting any 60mm staples where needed, the staples have a barbed end which fixes into the insulation. To speed up the process further, a pipe staple gun is available making installation even easier and faster.



  • To be used with 16mm Pert-Alu-Pert
  • Pipe spacings range from 100mm-200mm
  • Recommended screed is 65-75mm or 50mm if liquid screed
  • Staples have barbed end to fix to insulation
  • Rails have adhesive strip for sticking onto existing sub floor
  • Rails are 1m long
  • 40mm Staples are also available for thinner insulation applications