Pert Alu Pert Pipe

Available in 50m, 100m, 150m, 200m, 500m.
Five layer composite pipe using PE-RT inner and outer layers with a 0.2mm thick edge-welded aluminium core

Butt welded manufacturing method

Can be formed by hand and maintains its shape – perfect for underfloor heating pipework

Suitable for general use in underfloor and low temperature heating applications, maximum temperature 70oC and 10 bar maximum pressure, fully WRAS approved.

Thermostat Range

Hetta user friendly slim line thermostat range provides full control of the Hetta under floor heating system.

  • Smartphone App and web-based control options
  • Set-back facility for all thermostats
  • Improved zone control
  • Simple to use modern dial-type thermostats to fully-programmable networked options


All Hetta manifolds arrive pre-assembled, ranging from 2 – 12 ports and come complete with isolating ball valves, adjustable flow meters, fill and drain points, automatic air vents and Hetta electronic actuators if the system requires.

Nickel plated extruded brass manifold pre-assembled for immediate mounting for both GSHP and underfloor systems.

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