Design & Support

Hetta manufactures a comprehensive product range of under floor heating components.
Rarely are client projects the same, which is why each and every Hetta CAD designer and heating technician undertakes an extensive in-house training program, ensuring the most suitable and cost efficient system is specified for each under floor heating project.
Helping you to secure business.

We do not expect our customers to be experts in the under floor heating field, that’s our job. Providing our valued partners with same day CAD designs, pipe circuit plans and energy efficiency data ensures that quotations can be provided quickly and efficiently leading to a significant up-turn in securing customer orders.

Hetta Specialist CAD software provides any heating engineer with endless technical and installation data, accompanied with all our complete under floor heating systems.


Scope of functionality


  • Complete material list, for quotation or tender
  • Easy to read room zone, including temperatures, heat load (in Watt or W/m²)
  • Various floor coverings and insulation variations are included
  • Automatic allocation of suitable insulations according to EN 1264
  • Different design variations for peripheral areas, separate, integrated
  • Areas and output are considered
  • Automatic determination of the optimal flow temperature conforming to standards
  • Automatic or manual division into several heating areas if necessary
  • Full-automatic design of the heating circuits by keeping a maximum pressure head, a maximum water flow rate and a maximum heating circuit length.
  • Automatic determination of the essential manifold size
  • Possibility of manual accommodation of the pipe spacing, the surface temperature, the drop down or the number of heating circuits after design
  • Hydraulic manifold adjustment (valve settings)
  • Automatic assessment of manifold cabinet sizes with or without heat quantity counter
  • Automatic material billing, tender and/or quotation including construction site list with installation data
  • Residual heat compensation by additional radiator
  • Combination of floor heating and radiators within one room
  • Product-specific data from Hetta systems.