Aluminium Spreader Plates

The aluminium spreader plates are ideal for suspended floor constructions and are to be fitted between joists or on battens for existing solid floors.

Once fixed to the joists and the pipe installed, the spreader plates will then radiate heat to the space above.

The aluminium spreader plates do not contribute to a higher floor build up as the pipes will rest in between the joists, the final floor finish can be laid directly on top.

The void beneath the plates must be filled with insulation to minimise any heat loss. Plates can be cut to fit irregular joist widths.


Specification & Technical Details


16mm Pert-Al-Pert

Pipe Centres

150mm or 200mm


Aluminium Diffuser Plate



Panel Dimensions
1000 x 390mm (200mm spacing) Double Groove
1000 x 390mm (150mm spacing) Triple Groove